Insta Kool Tank

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It is a perfect solution for thermal insulation and weatherproofing of Water tanks to keep the water cool in summers and very comfortable in winters.

Packing: INSTA KOOL TANK is available in 1 kg packs.

Coverage: 1Kg INSTA KOOL TANK is sufficient for coating of 500 Ltr capacity PVC Tank in 2 coats.

Storage: Store under cover, out of direct sunlight and protect from extremes of temperature. Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature deterioration of the product or packaging.

Key Features

  • 10oC – 18oC variation in surface temperature of tank, during peak summer.
  • Keeps water temperature close to ambient.
  • All year-round protection: In addition to reducing conductive heat transfer micro spheres reflect away radiant energy or heat from the sun during the summer months and in winter they prevent radiant heat from leaving the building.
  • Ease of application -By brush

Application Method

Clean the substrate and make it free from any dirt or loose particles. Scrub the cleaned surface mildly, using sand paper, to create a rough surface for better adhesion.

10-15% dilution with water is recommended to make the material brushable.  Apply INSTA KOOL TANK in 2 coats application over the cleaned surface with an interval of 3-4 hours between each coat.

Application Area

Best when applied as an over coat from outside on PVC & masonary water tanks.




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