Mak Flexydry HB2

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Fast Drying High Build Flexible Bitumen Modified Coating


Fast Drying High Build Flexible Bitumen Modified Coating

Mak Flexi Dry HB2 is high performance water proofer that dries superfast to form a tough impermeable high build coating up to 2mm thickness. It is a blend of special grade bitumen emulsion with special catalyst for a superfast drying action. It can also be used as remedial waterproofing over all types of old roofing materials, without removing them.

Packing: Mak Flexi Dry HB2 is available in 25 Kg Pails.

Coverage: Mak Flexi Dry HB2 should be done at a spread rate of 2.5– 2.8 Kg/sqm, depending upon the porosity of the surface, to get the desired thickness of approx. 2mm.

Storage: Store under cover, in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature deterioration of the product or packaging.

Key Features

  • Impervious waterproofing membrane
  • Excellent crack bridging capacity. Highly flexible.
  • Superfast [almost instant] drying. Reduces application time of coat on coat system.
  • Excellent bonding to substrate such as concrete, masonry, wood, metal, plastic, etc.
  • Very good bonding to damp surfaces.
  • Easy to use- brush on. Monolithic layer/ jointless.

Areas of Application

  • As an impervious waterproofing membrane
  • Useful on concrete and brick foundations, retaining walls and bridge abutments.
  • As a monolithic high build liquid membrane for Podium areas, Terraces/roofs.
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