Mak Polyplast SAM-XL

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Self adhesive SBS membrane with cross laminated film top


Self-adhesive SBS Modified bitumen membrane with cross laminated film

MakPOLYPLAST SAM-XL Self – Adhesive membranes are produced with special multi-layer design with a heavy duty, lamination of cross laminated HDPE film over a layer of SBS modified bitumen and a silicon coated release liner on the adhesive side. Mak POLYPLAST SAM-XL is an excellent, general purpose water proofing membrane with high puncture resistance, tensile strength and tear resistance.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Reinforced
  • Ease of application

PACKAGING: 1m x 15m rolls of 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm thickness.


Mak POLYPLAST SAM-XL is the ideal membrane for damp-proofing foundations, bridges, viaducts and tunnels, coaches etc. It is recommended for use as a protective shield against water and ice. Strips of various widths are used extensively for instant adhesion /bonding.


The surface to receive Mak POLYPLAST SAM-XL should be smooth and dry and should be free from dust and dirt. The surface should be primed thoroughly with a concrete Mak Primer. It is installed by progressively peeling off the release paper and unrolling the membrane along with it.

Apply the membrane keeping 50mm side lap and 100mm end lap. Self-adhesive SBS Modified bitumen membrane with cross laminated film The membrane, particularly at the overlaps, should be firmlypressed down to ensure a good seal by using a small roller.

LAP JOINTS: MakPOLYPLAST SAM-XLoverlaps are simply pressed together to give a permanent watertight seal.



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