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Instant pothole repair bituminous compound

Instant pothole repair bituminous compound

Mak Premix is an instant road repair compound which is manufactured with a blend of bitumen, aggregates and high grade polymers to ensure immediate bonding with existing surface.
Repair of heavily trafficked road and airfield pavements using conventional materials and procedures is difficult, inconvenient to user and generally not very satisfactory. For such locations, ready to use patching materials to up- keep pavement traffic worthy, are essential.

PACKING – 25 Kg pack and 50Kg bags.

SHELF LIFE- 12 months from the Date of manufacturing.

CONSUMPTION: 25kg bag gives 17mm thickness in 1m x 1m square.


  • Patches are more stable
  • Ready to use patching mix needs very little time for application at site (Environment Friendly)
  • Pavement become traffic worthy soon after application no curing period is needed.
  • Preparation of surface for repairs is minimal.
  • Repair is possible in all adverse climates be it hot, cold, snow or rain.
  • No wastage of materials and the manpower is needed minimum.
  • A very common problem of urban areas is repair of utility cuts in the pavement. These mixes provide quick and efficient repair with least interference with traffic.


All loose material of potholes are cleaned off with the brushes. Loose edges are to
removed with chisel and hammer. Then mix is filled up with shovels/hand. The loose material is to be leveled, brought to shape then compacted with conventional rammer.
The traffic can be opened immediately.


Used for Road Repair

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