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MAK SILVER (AL. PAINT) is a cold applied highly reflective bitumen base aluminium coating.

COVERAGE RATES: 8-10m2 Per Litre on metal, wood or bituminous surfaces
Consumption on rough surface would be about 6-10m2

STANDARDS: It cofirmas to IS – 2339 – 1963

STORAGE: Contains petroleum solvents ;flammable;keep away from open fire, sparks or other ignition sources.

  • MAK SILVER is easy to apply – no heating or thinning is required.
  • Highly reflective, up to 70% of sunrays, thus increasing the life of bitumen roofs.
  • Reduces surface temperature by as much as 8-100 C, thus reducing cooling and heating costs.
  • Less maintenance cost of roofs etc.
  • Capable of withstanding thermal and structural movement in roofs and walls.
  • High coverage , one kg covers 8-10 m2
  • Easy to apply like other paints.

Application & Uses

Clean the surface dirt, dust, scale, loose coating and rust etc. The surface must be dry before coating. Remove rust and scale by wire brush. It can be applied by paint brush, squeeze or airless spray equipment at the recommended coverage rates. For best results, all brush strokes should be in one direction and atmospheric temperature above 200 C. Thoroughly mix the coating before application and periodically during application.

  • MAK SILVER is used to protect and beautify smooth asphalt roofs from U.V. Rays.
  • Used to protect metal structure as it is a antirust and corrosion coating.
  • Used on asphalt roofs, metal roofs, metal walls, masonry walls etc. to reflect sunrays in order to reduce air-conditioning costs in summer.
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