Hindustan Petroleum

    • Case Study
Site: Hindustan Petroleum Co. Ltd. Pipeline, RBPL Capacity Expansion Project, Barwala, Haryana
What was the problem?
  • New underground gas pipelines were to be laid down.
  • In previous projects, HPCL faced the issue of leakage in pipelines which were then inspected to reveal that pipelines had corroded within 3 years time. This damage was due to an improper anti-corrosion system being used for pipeline protection.
  • The moisture content along with the bacteria and fungi in the soil lead to fast corrosion of metal pipelines laid underground.
What was Makphalt‘s magic?
  • Makphalt‘s Mak Polykote anticorrosive pipeline tapes made of coal tar mix along with Mak Primekote coal tar primer were supplied to the contractor after taking necessary approval from HPCL.
  • 2mm thick Mak Polykote was applied in double layer using butane torching system after applying Mak Primekote as primer layer.
  • The product is anti-corrosive, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and highly durable for protecting the pipeline for over 20 years.
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