Cool tank coating

    • Case Study
What Was the problem?
  • Excessive heat getting trapped in the 2 x 10,000 Ltr. overhead water tanks during summer months
  • All office staff of over 100 persons getting troubled due to burning hot water in the taps (>65 degrees celsius water temperature when outside temperature was around 45 degrees celsius)
What Was Makphalt‘s magic?
  • Makphalt team was called for a site visit to see how we could solve their problem
  • We appointed our team who used Insta Kool Tank for heat insulation of the water tanks
  • Triple layer coating of Insta Kool Tank was done on the tanks within a period of 2 days
  • Insta Kool Tank’s property of easily being brush applied made it simple to apply not just on the entire tank surface but on the sunlight-exposed water pipes as well
  • The product contains nano-insulation particles that create heat barriers within the coating and its shiney white colour and glass microspheres ensure reflection of >95% infrared rays of the sunlight
  • The temperature during peak summer after coating was measured to be around 45 degrees celsius, indicating much lesser heat being captured inside the tanks
  • Now the staff can happily use normal temperature water even in summer months as well as water temperature in winter months (Outside temperature upto 4 degrees celsius) will be within tolerable limits
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