SpiceJet Warehouse

    • Case Study

What was the Problem?
Rusted Tin Sheds led to high amount of leakage every time
it rained.
Also, due to loose J hooks and joints between the tin sheets
high value materials stored in the warehouse were getting

What was Makphalt’s Magic?
Makphalt Waterproofed the entire warehouse without the
need to replace the sheets.
We used Mak Elastocryl EMW, white acrylic based UV-
resistant waterproofing coating system, along with Mak
Polyscrim cloth as reinforcement and Mak Plast, caulking
system for joint sealing. The complete system has good
elongation for accommodating expansion and contraction
at the joints, good strength and crack bridging properties
for covering the damaged sheet areas.
The coating gives good UV resistant for protection of sheet
and bituminous sealant.


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