Sultanpur Railway Crossing

    • Case Study
What was the problem?
  • The railway junction crossing was highly damaged due to vibrations caused by regular bypassing of trains. Wear and tear resulted in damaging of road and creation of cracks in the road resulting in multiple potholes leading to high chances of occurrence of road accidents. 
  • Holes were created on the railway crossing, crushing of aggregates occurred due to which the railways department was facing lots of problems in proper and safe operation of trains.
What was Makphalt‘s magic?
  • Makphalt provided the highly flexible Mak Premix with excellent bonding properties. Mak Premix is the ideal product used for pothole and general road repair
  • It is resistant to vibrations, durable, easily workable manually, economical and sustainable. 
  • The product is formulated according to and superior to IRC 116 (Indian Roads Congress) standard.
  • The total quantity of product supplied by us was 150 MT for building roads on and around the tracks
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