Mak Crystal Seal

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Crystalline waterproofing coating


Mak Crystal Seal is a crystalline waterproofing slurry for concrete substrates. It is very economic and easy to apply. Mak Crystal Seal becomes part of the concrete and creates a waterproof layer inside the concrete itself. It is especially strong against negative side water pressure. Mak Crystal Seal cures a lot faster than the current standard products eliminating the need for days of water curing and protection. Mak Crystal Seal creates a reactive layer inside the concrete that allows the structure to self-heal shrinkage cracks under contact with water. Mak Crystal Seal can be applied by brush, dry-shake or suitable spray equipment.

Packaging: 25 kg watertight plastic bag.

Consumption: For brush & spray application 1.5 kg/sqm and for dry shake application 1.2 kg/sqm.


Mak Crystal Seal is a crystalline waterproofing slurry with unsurpassed strength development.

  • Self-healing properties of up to 0.4 mm static cracks.
  • Open to foot traffic after 4 hours.
  • Shrinkage compensated, no spider-web cracking.
  • Water curing only under hot and dry conditions required for 4 hours.
  • Good resistance against aggressive media with a pH range of 3-12 and against soft water with low ion content.
  • Good weathering resistance.
  • Potable water approved.
  • Good sulphate resistance.

Application Areas

  • Waterproofing of basements and below grade parking structures.
  • Waterproofing of potable water structures.
  • Protection of dams and spill-ways.
  • Waterproofing of sewage structures.
  • Waterproofing of tunnels and pipelines.
  • Slab waterproofing (dry shake application).
  • Waterproofing of elevator pits.


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