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Mak Elastothane EMB is a liquid applied polyurethane modified bituminous elastomeric membrane coating. Mak Elastothane EMB when applied on a surface, gives a continuous monolithic film which is rubbery and elastic in nature. The film is self-curing and cures byreaction with atmospheric moisture to give a tough elastomeric waterproof membrane.

Mak Elastothane EMB has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as concrete, brick, wood, slates, tiles, glass and metals etc. This is supplied also as a medium grade for roller, squeegee or brush application to horizontal as well as vertical surface.

Area of Application

The high elasticity, excellent bond strength with concrete and other substrates, low water permeability of Mak Elastothane EMB makes it ideal membrane coating for a wide range of water / vapour proofing applications
such as:

  • Foundations, Basements, Lift pits.
  • Car decks, Podiums.
  • Roof, terraces, Balconies, Patios.
  • Sewage works and Sunken Portions.

The excellent chemical resistance of Mak Elastothane EMB is used as a barrier coating for any part of the external or internal faces of the structures where high degree of waterproofing is required.

Packaging: 20kg.

Consumption: 1.6-1.8 kg/sqm in two coats. It may vary according to the condition of the surface.

Application Procedure

  • Clean the surface thoroughly with wire brush, remove all dust, dirt, foreignParticles, fungi, etc.
  • Allow surface to be completely dry. Do not apply Mak Elastothane EMB on dampsurface.
  • All the cracks/voids shall be sealed with rubberized Mak Sealing Compound (ISI)
  • Apply Mak Elastothane Primer @ 4-5 Sqm/l on the entire surface to be treated. Alternatively, dilute Mak Elastothane EMB in the ratio of 1:1 with either Xylene or Toluene. Allow the primer to dry.
  • Apply Mak Elastothane EMB by brush or spray @ 1 kg/sqm on the entire
    surface and up to 300 mm high on parapet wall. Allow it to dry.
  • Apply second coat of Mak Elastothane EMB @ 0.2kg/sqm to achieve total dry
    film thickness of 1mm.
  • Reinforcement of Non-woven Polyester or Glass fiber of 40gsm may be provided between the layers for improved tensile strength.
  • Wearing course should done within 7 days.


  • Store in cool and dry place. Lid of the container should be properly closed after use.
  • In very cold conditions store inside. Do not attempt to thin.
  • Once opened Mak Elastothane EMB will start to cure and a skin will form, even in the resealed cans. This can be removed if material is used within approximately one month.

Health and Safety

  • Keep away from sources of ignition
  • Do not breathe vapour/spray
  • Ensure good ventilation during application and drying
  • In case of eye contact-wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice.
  • Avoid prolonged skin contact wear suitable protective clothing and gloves while handling/applying.
  • Remove from skin with mild solvent/hand cleanser and wash with warm soapy water.


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