Mak Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

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Epoxy based zinc rich primer

Mak Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer is a two-component, high performance epoxy metallic zinc rich primer specially formulated for excellent corrosion resistance system. It contains 90% zinc on dry film.

Packaging: Available in 20L pack.

Shelf Life:  Up to 12 months in required storing conditions.

Storage: Pack drums should be stored under cover in a dry place, under normal temperature conditions.

Health & Safety: Use of gloves & suitable cream is recommended to use this product. To avoid accidental eye contamination, goggles are also advised. Respirators must be worn. Do not smoke & keep away from fire & flames.

Consumption:  1 L = 10-12 sqm per coat.


  • Excellent anti corrosion
  • Easy to apply
  • Long term recoating properties.F
  • Fast curing with rapid hardening feature.
  • Dry heat resistance up to 150°C.


Areas of Application

For protection of steel in aggressive environment, such as shore and offshore structures, platforms, pipelines, refineries, petrochemical plants etc.

Anti Corrosive Coating


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