Mak PolyKote

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Coal tar/ bitumen wrapping coating


MAKPOLYKOTE is an Anti Corrosive tape based on Coal Tar pitch or Bitumen and specifically designed to comply with the requirements of IS:10221-1982 It incorporates a centre core of HMHDPE film of 20 micron which lends mechanical strength, dimensional stability to the product. These centre cores are laminated with 2 layers of coal tar or bitumen mix. The final product has a top and bottom layer of thermofusible HMHDPE Film. All the seven layers are calendered together to create this revolutionary 2mm thick tape.

Application Area: It is for protection of buried MS pipes in the soil.

Packaging: 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 1m wide; 10m long rolls.

Application Procedure

  • Wire brush the Pipe to remove all foreigndebris.
  • Apply a coat of Mak Primer @ 200 gm/sqm and allow it to dry till it becomestacky.
  • MakPolykoteisthen wound around the pipe in spiral or circumference fashion and bonded to pipe by thermo fusion process using LPG Torch. An overlap of 12mm is to be allowed. The overlapsare to be sealed by thermo fusionprocess. The overlap on each side of the welded joints is to be 50mm.
  • An area of 250 mm at the end of the Pipes is to be left uncoated to permit installation and welding. This area is to be coated after welding.
Anti Corrosive Coating


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