Is Your PEB Shed Leaking? Here’s why (and how to fix it)

Leaking in a PEB (Pre-Engineering Building) shed can be a real headache. But before you reach for the bucket, let’s identify the culprit!

we conducted interviews and survey on more than 100 PEB shed owners and Contractors. From this accumulated data. we broadly classified these problems in 5 major categories and the results were shocking!

Here’s a breakdown of the common reasons for leaks in PEB sheds:

👉 Installation issues (17%)- Skimp quality on installation, and you might pay later. Improper installation of roofing sheets and the overall structure can create gaps that let water in.

👉Roof Sheet Damage (56%)- Over time even the toughest roofing sheets can take a beating from the elements. Damaged or deteriorated sheets are prime suspects for leaks. The deterioration occurs faster in the industrial area beaus of the higher potency of acid rains and relatively slower in rural areas!

👉Sealant Failure (12%)- Sealants are your PEB Shed’s defence against water intrusion at overlaps and connections. Compromised sealants create openings for leaks

👉Drainage Problems (8%)- If water doesn’t drain Properly, It can pool and eventually find ways to seep in . Ensure your PEB shed has proper drainage to avoid this.

👉Condensation (7%)-Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation on the underside of the roof while less common, it can still contribute to leaks if addressed properly.

How to Prevent or Manage Leaks?

✅Quality Installation: Hire experienced professionals for PEB shed installation to ensure everything is watertight.

✅Conduct water Leakage tests: it is advised to check the shed for leakage by purposely using jet streams or a water pipe and confirm what is the current situations and condition of the shed n regards to leakages!

✅Regular Maintenance: schedule periodic inspections to identify and address any damage to roofing sheets or sealants before leaks occur. A proper jet stream wash can help your shed and prepare it for further maintenance.

✅Proper Draining: Ensure your PEB shed has a functional Drainage system to prevent water pooling.

✅ Ventilation: Proper ventilation helps manage condensation and reduce the risk of leaks.

By understanding the causes and taking preventive measure, you can keep your PEB shed dry and function for years to come

if your are not able to identify your problem suffer from PEB shed leakage as well, don’t fret!

➡ Share your thought! Have You encountered leaks in your PEB shed ? what was the cause and how did Your address it?




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