Unmodified thinset has been around forever. Traditional tile flooring uses cement and sand mixed on-site as a binder. In addition, when using cement mortar, it is necessary to clean the back of the tile, soak the tile in water and treat the base of the wall before laying. 

But in the last few decades, the construction industry has witnessed the rise of modified thinset or Tile Adhesive. 

Its simplicity charms more and more installers. Tile adhesive is made of cement, sand and additional retention products, such as latex polymers, mixed with water, which increase its performance and strength, giving it a better bonding capacity and ease of application, when compared to the conventional cement-sand system.

When working with sand and cement, the process of mixing them is very time consuming, messy and often needs to be done on a separate location. Also in most cases, a lot of cement tends to be left over at the end of the job and the opened bags have to be dealt with as they are not very portable. 

It’s much easier to handle bags of MAK TILE FIX as everything that is required is premixed in accurate ratios and packed. Most often, the quantity required per square meter is known in advance, making it simpler to gauge how much material is needed for any particular area – whereas, the rest can be left in the bag until needed, as the powder is light and easy to work with and generally does not create a mess.

MAK TILE FIX is available in different variances to suit different levels of requirement and adhesion strength required. It is available in white cement base also for laying light color marble and tiles. 

Tile Adhesive has several advantages proving it to be more superior;

  • Excellent bonding properties, especially suitable for large size tiles and vitrified tile products with low water absorption rate
  • Unlike cement, tile adhesive will not be easily deformed as a result of thermal expansion or contraction 
  • Tile adhesives have a fixed mixing ratio thus ensuring consistent construction quality
  • Fairly easy application- only water addition and leveling of walls is required
  • Some tile adhesives have water proofing properties
  • Consistent formula, stable adhesion

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