Hindustan Petroleum

Site: Hindustan Petroleum Co. Ltd. Pipeline, RBPL Capacity Expansion Project, Barwala, Haryana What was the problem? New underground gas pipelines were to be laid down. In previous projects, HPCL faced the issue of leakage in pipelines which were then inspected to reveal that pipelines had corroded within 3 years time. This damage was due to …

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Cool tank coating

What Was the problem? Excessive heat getting trapped in the 2 x 10,000 Ltr. overhead water tanks during summer months All office staff of over 100 persons getting troubled due to burning hot water in the taps (>65 degrees celsius water temperature when outside temperature was around 45 degrees celsius) What Was Makphalt‘s magic? Makphalt team was …

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Sultanpur Railway Crossing

What was the problem? The railway junction crossing was highly damaged due to vibrations caused by regular bypassing of trains. Wear and tear resulted in damaging of road and creation of cracks in the road resulting in multiple potholes leading to high chances of occurrence of road accidents.  Holes were created on the railway crossing, crushing …

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SpiceJet Warehouse

What was the Problem? Rusted Tin Sheds led to high amount of leakage every time it rained. Also, due to loose J hooks and joints between the tin sheets high value materials stored in the warehouse were getting spoiled. What was Makphalt’s Magic? Makphalt Waterproofed the entire warehouse without the need to replace the sheets. …

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